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Picture of Laurence on Wissant's beach

Villa Boras, bed and breakfast (B&B) in Wissant

Located in Wissant on the Opal Coast, between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer, I welcome you in a farmhouse renovated in bed and breakfast (B&B).
Just 800 meters from the beach, the guest house is also the ideal starting point for hiking. At night you can relax in the garden or in the lounge, enjoying the free WiFi.


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You can ask me about the availability of rooms easily by email.
Shamal's room
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Shamal's room

Bed and breakfast (B&B) with double bed, decorated in a rather contemporary style with an African inspiration. Very relaxing atmosphere.
Bora's room
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Bora's room

Bed and breakfast (B&B) with double bed, decorated in a romantic style. A real cozy nest for a romantic getaway.
Breva's room
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Breva's room

Bed and breakfast (B&B) with two single beds, perfect for a stay with friends or family.

Wissant, the pearl of the Opal Coast

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Seaside resort known for its white sand beach, nestled between Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez, France classified major sites, Wissant is the village for lovers of nature and relaxation (beach, hiking in the countryside, contemplation ...).
Its location is not the only reason that makes Wissant the tourist destination of the Opal Coast. The villas of the last century (like in Wimereux) and the small fishermen's houses give a special charm to the resort. And the village also mixes traditions, competitive sports and culture.
View of Cap Blanc Nez
Beach and cliffs of Cap Blanc Nez. (copyright: Wikipedia)
End of fishing for a flobart
Meeting with a flobart returning from fishing. (copyright: Wikipedia)

A small fishing village

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Historically, the village of Wissant has always been a fishing port in competition with Audresselles for the best fishing areas. The rivality with its neighbor are from the past, but the people of Wissant haven't lost their traditions and celebrate every year, at the end of August, the symbol of fishing on the Opal Coast: the Flobart.
Typical stranding boat, also visible in Audresselles, you may meet one of them in the village, pulled by a tractor, or on the beach.

A fantastic kitesurfing spot

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Surnamed by some the "Mecca of kiteboarding", the Wissant Bay is considered as the best kitesurfing spot in Northern Europe and as one of the main spots of surf and windsurf in France.
Benefiting of an ideal location for water sports with easy access and very favorable winds, the station even hosted over 2,000 fans of kite and windsurf on 10 and 11 May at the latest Wissant Wave Classic 2014 where 85 international riders competed.
The kitesurfing competition 2014
The kitesurfing competition on the Bay of Wissant. (copyright: Wikipedia)
View of Cap Blanc Nez
Between earth, sea and sky, the Bay of Wissant. (copyright: Pas de Calais)

An inspiration for painters

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From the seafront or on the beach, let your senses overflow and you will understand why many artists have been inspired by these exceptional landscapes for their work in the late nineteenth century.
Fell in love with this Opal Coast between sky, earth and sea, illuminated by a special light, Adrien Demont and his wife Virginie moved into the station. A circle of students joined them to form the School of Wissant, lively creative school until the Second World War.
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Best of Wissant

Many activities are near the bed and breakfast (B&B), they were tested by my hosts who noted their impressions on a small binder in the villa.
So I listed everything that could be interesting in Wissant or on the Opal Coast. useful addresses and calendar, you will find in this part all you need to plan your stay at Villa Boreas !
Riders on the beach of Wissant
Riders on the beach of Wissant. (copyright: meteocity.com)